Hey, you. Yes, you. Your skin is not the enemy here! Germs are. So why don’t you go gentle on the largest organ in your body and tough on the germs instead. By following a simple routine, you can achieve that beautiful skin you so crave for.

Bathe properly. Use a relatively smooth sponge to scrub your body. Work in a circular motion, this way you will make sure to clean every inch of your body leaving you with a fresh and germ free body.

Are you the type who prefers a hot bath? Guess what? You are causing more harm than good to your skin! According to the Guardian, your bathwater should be just a little hotter than the body temperature which is about 37degrees Celsius, somewhere between 40-45 degrees Celsius.

Frequent hot showers can lead to a dry, itchy and unattractive skin. Really cold showers, on the other hand, accelerate respiratory conditions and can at the very least lead to common cold.

“According to the Guardian, your bathwater should be just a little hotter than the body temperature which is about 37 degrees Celsius, somewhere between 40-45 degrees Celsius.”

When it comes to skin care, what you do on the outside also applies to the inside. You usually take a bath to get rid of germs and smell fresh. This is also what you should do to the inside. Now begin to drink water correctly. Gaggling down 8 glasses of what at a go will not help you at all. In fact, this will only increase your visitation to the toilet! Instead drink small amounts of water frequently during the day.

Continued intake of warm water and a slice of lemon at night will not only help rid your body of toxins but also leave your skin toned and shiny the next morning!

Eat right. A balanced diet with considerable amounts of proteins and fruits is a must. Proteins repair broken tissues within your body and the skin is no exception. Fruits contain vitamins which the skin desperately needs to look health.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! After that moderate bath your skin is clean and ready for oiling. Remember that even after considering all the other skin care tips, it will all be in vain if you forget to moisturize. In this case it is advisable to know your skin type.

“Is your skin dry, normal or oily? Work with moisturizers meant for your skin. “

Janet Odida

Treat your skin. As you apply your moisturizer make sure to massage it in this will relax your overstretched tissues as you supply evenly the additional oil the body needs for that sleek finish. Paying your masseur a visit once a while will also guide you on which parts of your skin to pay more attention to during a massage and help relax those parts you cannot easily reach.

Manage stress wisely. When you are stressed or put out, your skin feels the hit. If this continues for a long time you might age quicker normal. Again trust the therapeutic power of water. Enroll in a swimming program sometime. Sweat it out.  

You gain mental focus and forget your stress as you channel your energy into accomplishing the activity at hand. According to Style craze, swimming can help your skin by detoxifying your body through exercise. Also, the right amount of chlorine exposure can kill acne-causing bacteria, helping clear your skin.

Your skin is a reflection of your overall body health. Work out to your favorite song. You will in the process be getting rid of body toxins, achieving the dream skin you desire, smooth, acne free and attractive.

Minimize on product. Be comfortable under your skin. Proper care of your skin will help you avoid hiding behind layers of makeup. This will not only save your time and money but also give you a sense of fulfilment achieved by results.

Maintaining an appropriate skin care routine will never disappoint. You gain an enviable, younger-looking and perfect skin with a healthy and beautiful touch. Let’s go out there and show our skin a little more love!


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