Your Heart Health Matters.

“Hi pal. It has been a while since we last hard a mature talk, you and me, you know? Our friendship dates way back, way before you knew I existed. I have been with in every moment of your life, when you were sad, when you are happy, in every tear, fear and cheer.
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 Remember me now? May be not, I am your friend Heart. I am deeply saddened friend, I don’t know how to speak my heart out really, but I must. I happen to be one of your greatest friends your creator gave me to you. I give you hope with every throb and pump through joy in every sob. Unfortunately it seems you forgot me, slowly suffocating me and soon my charm might fade away, modern lifestyle you say. Everything you eat, drink and inhale seem to choke me by the day. Friend, there is still good news, I believe you have what it takes to rekindle back our friendship. I have the road map to that: eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables because it rejuvenates me, eat less of animal fat it drains me, embrace fitness it keeps me strong and beating. Take a moment place one of your palms on your chest relax, listen and feel, feeling me? That is me and that is hope. Let us do this together for good.” Heart.
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29THOf September is the International Heart Day. As Uzima Champions we find this as a very important date in our calendar.  With approximately 4 Weeks to go we have decided to come up with a thread of articles geared towards ensuring you know about your heart health and everything that affects it. We will be writing daily articles to ensure that you get fully informed and equipped with knowledge on Heart Health. The order will be as follows:

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